Pather Panchali Garia – New Age Residential Apartments

Pather Panchali Garia

Pather Panchali Garia is a new age residential property in Kolkata which has been launched by one of the fastest growing developers of residential property in Kolkata- the Team Taurus group. Pather Panchali offers apartments that have excellent ventilation. It is well connected to all important destinations of the city and has the finest amenities that real estate properties in Kolkata have ever seen. This new residential property in Kolkata offers living options in the form of 2 and 3 BHK flats for sale, which come readily equipped with a host of modernistic comforts and conveniences.

Pather Pachali Apartments, Garia, Kolkata

A unique Architectural concept has been used in this development. Rooms inside Pather Panchali are cooled naturally to keep you comfortable and always on a song. Possession is on 2016.

Pather Panchali is a beautifully planned & designed 4-storied complex consisting of 184 units in 5 Blocks equipped with all modern amenities. Located in South Kolkata at Boral, Garia, the project offers express connectivity to Garia metro.

Pather Panchali Garia is beautifully planned 8 acre residential gated development, with 2 & 3 BHK apartments.

Pather Pachali Apartments, Garia, Kolkata

Located in Boral, it has an aura that seeps into your heart with its natural surroundings and a design which is in harmony with nature. Sustainable architectural concepts with passive design elements have been used to make them Smart Homes.

The Elevation has only balconies and all utilities are in the rear. A very high efficiency of space inside the apartments have been achieved with zero wastage in passages.

Pather Pachali Apartments, Garia, Kolkata

You may travel far and wide, for work, adventure and quest But you remain distant and alone, until you start walking towards your abode.

Pather Panchali Garia is homecoming to the wanderer in your heart. It is where your soul is at peace with itself and the surroundings. It is where the song of the bird perched on the tree is more important.

The streets are the valleys in your mind, and as your traverse and explore, A smile breaks on your lovely countenance As you realize.

Pather Pachali Apartments, Garia, Kolkata

The initial pricing per sqft is only Rs. 2800 for a very short time. The price will soon increase to Rs. 2995 per sqft. Rush your enquiries or SMS “REAL ESTATE” to +91-9674321856 today.

In the current price it is a very lucrative investment opportunity for the NRIs and HNIs. We expect the price to be at least double before the delivery.

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