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Charulata Project Shantiniketan (Price, Review)

Charulata Bolpur

A distinct business vertical of this Group CHAKRABORTY ASSOCIATES has been a seasoned campaigner in terms. Being a 13-year old Entity engaged as Architects and Civil and Structural Consultants rendering Project Management Consulting (PMC) services. Let’s check their latest venture Charulata Project Shantiniketan.

Charulata Project Shantiniketan

Location of Charulata Project Shantiniketan:

Charulata Santiniketan Location

KARABI – STUDIO APARTMENT of Charulata Project Shantiniketan:

Karabi is all about perfectly planned studio apartments. This Karabi Studio’s which is a most beautiful apartment of Charulata open their canvas offers more opportunities to express through colors, decor and more.

1 BHK VILLA starting price upto Rs. 12.7 Lakhs.

Ground Floor :

  • Adda Zone is 1200 WIDE.
  • Foyer is 1500 * 2275 in mm.
  • Kitchen is 2000 * 1675 in mm.
  • Bedroom is 3500 * 4500 in mm.
  • Toilet is 1200 * 2400 in mm.

First Floor :

  • Terrace is 1200 WIDE.
  • Foyer is 1500 * 2275 in mm.
  • Kitchen is 2000 * 1675 in mm.
  • Bedroom is 3500 * 4500 in mm.
  • Toilet is 1200 * 2400 in mm.

KARABI – DELUXE of Charulata Project Shantiniketan:

Karabi Deluxe will redefine your concept of home. Creating moments to treasure and new traditions of living. Truly it is the rainbow’s end.

2 BHK VILLA starting price upto Rs. 20.8 Lakhs.

Ground Floor :

  • Adda Zone is 1000 Wide.
  • Living Room is 3230 * 3175 in mm.
  • Bedroom is  3400 * 3600 in mm.
  • Toilet is 1350 * 1850 in mm.
  • Study Area is 1175 * 1725 in mm.

First Floor :

  • Bedroom is 3400 * 3600 in mm.
  • Study Area is 1175 * 2225 in mm.
  • Toilet is 1350 * 2400 in mm.
  • Terrace is 4000 * 3325 in mm.

KARABI – PREMIUM of Charulata Project Shantiniketan:

Karabi Premium Villas are designed for connoisseurs. The Villas also designed with a poetic soul. This is situated in the green heart of nature with the rustle of leaves and the song of birds for serenades morn­ing and evening. This Villas are the perfect getaway from it all.

1 BHK BUNGALOW starting price upto Rs. 23.5 Lakhs.


Ground Floor :

  • Adda Zone is 589 Sq.ft.
  • Entrance Lobby is 1381.7 Sq.ft.
  • Living Dining is 101 Sq.ft.
  • Toilet is 101 Sq.ft.

First Floor :

  • Terrace is 3470 * 2100 in mm.
  • Sitting is 1050 * 2300 in mm.
  • Bedroom is 3300 * 3300 in mm.
  • Toilet is 1200 * 1500 in mm.

KOPAI of Charulata Project Shantiniketan:

KOPAI is Charulata’s flagship brand of premium 3 BHK Villas. Experience luxury at its Prime. In every little detail of your home decor has been tastefully and carefully curated by discerning Interior Designers and experts.

3 BHK BUNGALOW starting price upto Rs. 33.4 Lakhs.

Ground Floor :

  • Adda Zone is 5450 * 2975 in mm.
  • Entry Foyer is 2050 * 2450 in mm.
  • Living Room & Dining Room is 5600 * 5175 in mm.
  • Bedroom is 3375 * 3000 in mm.
  • Toilet is 1800 * 1875 in mm.

First Floor :

  • Star Lobby is 2225 * 2625 in mm.
  • Leisure Sitting is 3300 * 2050 in mm.
  • Foyer is 2050 * 2450 in mm.
  • Terrace is 5450 * 2975 in mm.
  • Bedroom is 3375 * 3000 in mm.
  • Bedroom is 3375 * 3000 in mm.
  • Toilet is 1800 * 1875 in mm.

So the Charulata is an affordable housing in Bolpur. People visiting Bolpur Shantiniketan often can think to have an own apartment instead of paying for hotel bills everytime they visit.

Boat Homes Greentech City In Vedic Village

Boat Homes Greentech City

Boat Homes Greentech City are These are fully individual 3 BHK bunglows facing the golf villas and golf course, built on a land area of 4.33 cottha (2600 sqft) with a front side huge lawn and car park located in Vedic Village. The backside of the house is floating on an artificial lake, giving u a feeling of living in Venice. There is a garden with a bedroom on the first floor followed by a 2200 sqft terrace garden on top of the house keeping it cool as ever. Current price is 1.35 cr per unit.

  • So extraordinary and exceptional.
  • They have some astounding advantages.
  • It’s similar to living on a beach year round.
  • The water perspective is fantastic.

The dusks and dawns, the impression of the moon and the delight of taking your boat to visit a neighbor gliding, viewing the egrets swooping for fish.

Intelligently desgined, these extraordinary Boat Homes Greentech City emphasize 3 Bedrooms with connected bathrooms, windows in abundance, heaps of living and diverting space, a deck, an expanded verandah with a grass, a terraced yard top and a private dock with its boat.

Boat Homes, Vedic Village, Rajarhat, Kolkata

Spotted inside the quick creating Greentech City in Rajarhat, it is soon to be interfaced to the city and the Airport through a 8-path Expressway.

Who can buy this property:

Greentech City is a generally arranged township. It incorporates a high road with restaurants, shopping and excitement focuses, schools and universities, state-of-theart clinics and centers.



  • Establishment: RCC (Reinforced Concrete Cement) Framed Structure
  • Divider: INTERNAL 100/125 mm thick block stone work, EXTERNAL 200/250 mm thick block workmanship
  • Top: Terracotta tile / Green blanket over RCC piece
  • Entryway: Quality timber outline with strong center – flush / paneled shade
  • Window: quality aluminum outlines
  • Living/dining Room: (Porcelain/vitrified) tile Flooring
  • Room: (Porcelain/vitrified) tile Flooring

Boat Homes, Vedic Village, Rajarhat, Kolkata


  • Floor: Porcelain/vitrified tiles
  • Counters: Granite/marble/stone with stainless steel sink;
  • Divider: Porcelain/vitrified tiles two feet high above ledge.


  • Floor: Porcelain/vitrified tiles
  • Divider: Porcelain/vitrified tiles on dada.
  • Bathroom Fittings: Quality Chinaware and Chromium plated apparatuses.

Boat Homes, Vedic Village, Rajarhat, Kolkata


  • Covered copper wiring with secluded switches.
  • Procurement for sufficient light focuses, phone, TV, AC, fumes and fountain focuses in suitable areas.

Inside Finish: Plaster of Paris over concrete mortar.
Outside Finish: Decorative paint over put divider.

Beautification: Landscaped garden with trees and plants.

Electrical Connection / Standby Power / Telephone Connection at Extra.

Return on Investment
Total 42 units only (5 units left) Something very exclusive and rare. These bunglows were booked at 1.20 cr (fully furnished) since October 2013, now the booking rate for Boat Homes Greentech City is 1.35 cr (non furnished). Since these are premium products and ready to move in a period of 1 year, one can expect some premium value for the same which can be anywhere above 2 cr in 3 to 4 years. We suggest this property investment to the NRIs and HNIs not only for appreciation, but also for a pride possession.

Vedic Village Golf Villas in Greentech City, Rajarhat

Vedic Village Golf Villas

The Golf Course and Vedic Village Golf Villas are found inside the regions of the highly discussed Greentech City, spread over 1500 acres of land of green in Rajarhat and interfaced to the City and the Airport through a 8-path Expressway. Plot sizes varying from 7 to 11 cottahs depending on the number of the rooms and price ranging from 301 lacs – 411 lacs.

Golf Villas

The Vedic Village Golf Villas are colorfully rich Golf Homes composed in two columns which border the green inside a gated group. In distinctive variants with 4,5 or 6 rooms with vast cove windows and a private swimming pool ignoring the Golf Course, every Villa is an affirmation to your refined taste. Raising the standard of extravagant living to an entirely new level. Plot sizes varying from 7 to 11 cottahs depending on the number of the rooms.

Pricing of the Golf Villas:



BUA (sq. ft.)











(6) BED





(5) BED





(5) BED





(4) BED





(5) BED





(4) BED





(5) BED





(4) BED


Golf Villas

Return on Investment
We call the Golf Villas as one of the most ideal for the NRIs and for the HNIs. The Golf Villas are one of its kind. Build for people who would like to enjoy the luxuries of life. The elite class and the serene surrounding is just synonymous to each other.

This property is designed keeping in mind the elite game of GOLF as its around the 18 hole golf course. First time in North Kolkata a GOLF course has been designed. This property has world class interiors with a roof top Jacuzzi and the wooden façade makes the villa different from the stereo type villas across the country.

The Vedic Village Golf Villas is for people with acquired taste and would not be ideal for resale as one, not only invests in a villa but also accommodates the tasteful and elite living with it.